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Safari is a web browser designed and developed by Apple based o the WebKit engine. It is the default browser on Apple devices. The browser was initially released in the year 2003. It has a smart search bar, tabs and a special split view version for iPad users. Safari browser provides navigation facility to its users. With the latest version of Safari, users can now inspect HTML and CSS elements. Safari, being a OSX app has online dictionary feature.

The browser is the doorway through which we make entry into the world of internet. If you are using the browser regularly, you might have encountered the annoying browser error codes and messages. These error codes are cryptic and they don’t make any sense unless you know the exact meaning of the displayed error. In this write-up, we have decoded some of the error codes and the reasons are discussed elaborately.

Facing Similar Safari Browser Errors?

  • Bad gateway (502)
  • Service unavailable (503)
  • Connection timed out
  • Unable to connect
  • Phishing or malicious content warnings
  • Certificate warnings

The error mentioned above get on your nerves when you surf something important on the web. These errors generally occur when the router strength is weak or when the page you are trying to open is corrupted. When you come across bad gateway error message, this states that the server which is acting as a gateway has received an invalid response from the upstream server. This error also occurs due to invalid cookies and caches. Connection timed out message suggests that the request sent by your computer is not being fulfilled within the predetermined time frame. You might have misconfigured the firewall or proxy which is preventing you from accessing certain websites. We understand that you must be struggling with these errors and you need assistance to Fix Safari Browser Error Codes.

The service unavailable error message appears when the website you are trying to reach is down. If this error occurs try to restart your router or change the DNS services that you are using. Certificate errors are displayed whenever your browser cannot verify the real owner of the website. If you encounter this error, it is advisable that you stay away from that site as connecting to that site may lead to identity theft.

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